The clutter-clearing movement, “less is more” springs to mind.

Overtime we accumulate possessions and the opportunity to have a thorough clear-out and then curate our favourite possessions stylishly is rare. We offer a professional organising and decluttering service to help take this stress way and reunite you with the items you love whilst giving other things a fitting send off.

Declutter and curate shelfie spaces to create balance, calm, reduce the “noise” and create free-flowing energy in your room.

A 90 minute consultation will focus on the spaces you would like our help with and from there we organise a plan of action to help you make those areas clutter free.


*Help is at hand
90 min consultation from £150

Decluttering Half day from £150 Full day from £275
Hourly rate from £40
Online shopping from £25 per hour

*London & Surrey, UK Rates