Elise has over 15 years experience in a personal capacity of renovating and staging properties for sale - both in South Africa and the U.K - and now offers this sought-after tailored service to stage, style and transform properties for clients using cost-effective methods to optimise return on investment - whether to showcase, to sell or or to live in. Being an experienced marketeer and Accredited Staging Professional ® (ASP®) her expertise brings a dynamic combination of skills and flair to transforming properties to sell in the quickest time and for the best price based on market conditions.

My dream with founding The Room Boutique is to create mindful spaces that flow with purpose and bring energy, serenity and joy. I am excited to facilitate the journey for my clients offering affordable and eco-friendly solutions to create a property lifestyle they desire - whether to live in, showcase or to sell on. We are all unique as people and so should every home be – both to you and your customers. I am delighted to be one of the first few Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP)® certified in London, UK by Staged Homes ®.